Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Now that my senior year is in full swing, I'm getting the feeling that the frequency at which I will be posting is going to diminish. So with that ominous feeling, it looks like I'm going to have to dip into my reserve of posts (which are also very few!). I realized the other day that I have not posted one of my photography related posts in quite some time. Actually, this will only be the second one, so hopefully I can start to pick up on these and share some of my artwork.

For those who may not remember from my long ago post, these images that I am sharing are ones from last spring's advanced photography class at Ohio Wesleyan. I chose to do food photography (big surprise) and these are the results.

If you are wondering what exactly you are looking at, these are tomatoes. What I love so much about this body of work is the mystery of how certain foods are going to turn out. For these posts, I plan to include a recipe related to the food pictured, so here you go!

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Elizabeth said...

Psst! Update! :)

*love* elizabeth

(I'm one to talk - I haven't updated in months, but my camera's broken and text-only posts are boring)