Monday, September 15, 2008

Farmer's Market

This is a shout out to Elizabeth, who has been badgering me to join her down at the local farmer's market in our home town for some time now. Since the market runs from 9-12 on Saturday mornings, I've been reluctant to join because I value my sleep-in time very much. But being one of my favorites, I finally agreed to meet her down there. For a small town market, it has really flourished in Granville, with a great variety of vendors from home made sausages and cheeses to all kinds seasonal produce and locally grown flowers. 

One of the vendors was a woman that made all kinds of beautiful pies and pastries, both sweet and savory. I was very excited by her variety of personal sized treats, they were all so cute! 

I have always loved the feel from farmer's markets, the raw freshness of it all, the smells. The pride on the faces of the people selling their produce. There is a level of respect that I feel they deserve, with their deliciously imperfect looking stock just waiting to be made into something wonderful. 

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Also, that tart was delicious.