Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Final Line-Up

Well, it has taken me longer than I intended but here is the final line-up from my end of year show. It was a challenging semester but in the end I was very happy with my work. Below is my artist statement.

  We all carry anxieties and internal struggles with us, it is what makes us who we are. Some of these issues stay with us for the entirety of our lives, while others become eroded and shaped by our experiences. For this body of work, these internal reflections are written down on rocks and placed beneath the surface of the water and photographed with a macro lens. The act of writing these thoughts down on rocks is a ritual, a casting away, as well as a metaphor for the weight that these anxieties have in our lives. Everyone has their own “bag of rocks” so to speak. Placing them below the water is the act of letting them go, or allowing them to begin to shape and change as life passes over them. 
  This work has been a journey, therefore incorporating my presence into the images was an important decision. While not necessarily an autobiographical body of work, an exploration has been made and the importance of that transcendence is not something to be overlooked.