Thursday, July 1, 2010


The prep begins

My terrarium
Elizabeth's terrarium
The fruits of my day
I finally got around to making that terrarium, thanks to Elizabeth's fabulous suggestion to do so today! We both had these lovely glass containers that were just begging to be filled with little plants. Our quest began with tracking down some cute pint sized plants to fit in our glasses. We found some irish moss and asparagus ferns that were just perfect for the job. We also cultivated some moss out of the back yard and used some river rocks collected during summers in montana! All in all I'd say it was an absolute success and I'm already dreaming up my next creation!

I couldn't resist buying another basil plant at the garden center and the left-over irish moss found a new home too!

Photos by me!

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Elizabeth said...

I put mine on my dresser and have been stopping to put my nose up to the glass every time I walk past to admire the little world we made. They're so cute!