Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Artichoke Pizza Bread

Last week, during my day of domesticity, I made this delicious bread. It was very simple and fun to make. It was kind of an experiment, and I must say, it turned out pretty darn successful. Next time I make it, I'm sure I'll tweak it a little, but thats what's fun about home cookin'.

I made my own pizza dough for this using The Joy of Cooking's recipe, but you could use just about any pizza dough recipe that you like. I also made my own dipping sauce, but again, you could use anything you like, be it homemade or store bought.

Artichoke Pizza Bread

1 batch of pizza dough
1 can artichoke hearts (not marinated) drained and patted dry
About 2 cups of shredded cheese, I used mozzarella (you can always use more of less depending on your preferences)
About 1/2 cup grated parm. cheese (more or less if desired)
Dried italian spices
Olive oil

Preheat oven to 415 degrees Fahrenheit.

Make pizza dough as directed, adding some italian spices into the dough for a little extra "umph" to the dough.
When dough is done rising and ready to go, divide in half and roll each half out into a circle.
Sprinkle mozzarella and parm. cheese evenly onto each half and evenly spread the artichoke hearts over the cheese, leaving about an inch of space around the outside edge.
Roll each half into a log, pressing the seam firmly to seal everything in. Sprinkle a little bit of olive oil and any left over cheese on top of the bread and bake in the preheated oven for about 45 minutes or until done.

This bread is great for entertaining, and quite filling, so it could easily be made as an entire meal with a salad or something. Enjoy!

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Elizabeth said...

If you ever feel like making this again I know what you could do with a loaf....


(It was delicious. I couldn't bring myself to share.)