Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pickin' Some Berries

On a brief vacation to visit my awesome friend Erin in northern Ohio, we went blueberry picking at a friend's orchard. I have always had a strong love of picking your own food, so when this opportunity arose, I was very excited to partake.
This was the final product of berry pickin'

The farm was right off a main road and just tucked back behind a nice cover of trees. It was such a fun experience, and the property was strewn with little treasures like this pretty little pond pictured below.

Delicious, delicious berries.

Erin pickin' some berries of her own.

My bounty.

So I have been wanting to jump back on the homemade ice cream wagon but have just not been inspired to try anything new lately. Well, picking my very own surplus of blueberries promptly changed that. After much searching, I used the recipe from Dorie Greenspan found here. I doubled the recipe to be able to split this delicious ice cream between my father and my boyfriend, both of whom can become very jealous if they are not included in the giving of homemade delicious food...especially ice cream. The recipe called for lemon juice, and along with that, I chose to add the zest of one lemon just before churning and can I just tell you how fantastic it was!?!?! I was very happy with the turnout of this ice cream and I have plans on using it again very soon. Enjoy!!

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Erin said...

Yay, I was waiting to see this post! I'm so glad we decided to go berry picking while you were here. And I swear I have a couple posts coming up with the results of my berries! Really!