Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mmmm Sushi

There are few things more rewarding than taking a bite into your very own, homemade sushi. My brother and I have rolled sushi a few times together and it's always just such a fun experience, nothing really fancy, just good times with good sushi. 

My friend Amanda and I have been meaning to roll sushi together for a long time and we finally got around to doing it, and as in the past, it's just simple and rewarding. I think what makes it so exciting is the presentation of's so simply beautiful! It doesn't take really anything extra to make it look "perfect". 

I apologize, but there's no real recipe for this post, just some pictures and such. On this particular occasion, no raw fish was used, it being Amanda's first sushi rolling experience, we opted out of raw fish. We did use cucumbers, carrots, smoked salmon, cooked shrimp and the usual sushi rice, nori, soy sauce and wasabi. Sadly, I was unable to find an avocado, which I firmly believe is essential to sushi, but there's always next time.

So for those who may have been sushi shy in the past, I encourage you to get out there and give it a try!! Here's to the awesomeness that is sushi! Enjoy!


Eileen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog (PIPI was thrilled). This sushi looks great.

Erin said...

This makes me want suuuushiiiiii!