Monday, March 8, 2010

Back From The Dark Side

I'm back...from a serious case of the stomach flu and a whirlwind weekend with the BF at a cabin with 5 other couples. Kyle and I were lucky enough to be totally knocked on our backsides by a very unpleasant bug that pretty much laid us up for 4 days. With little time to recover from that, the two of us spent the weekend with our friends at a cabin in southern Ohio. Copious amounts of hot tubbing and shenanigans took place along with a lovely hike in Hocking Hills. It was the most beautiful weekend, with sunny skies and temperatures in the 40's. So needless to say, while the tale end of my week was an enjoyable one, I am ridiculously tired.

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Elizabeth said...

I wondered why I hadn't seen hide nor hair of you for a while. Glad you're feeling better! I love the pictures - can't wait for our Hocking Hills adventure in a couple weeks! :)